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T is an experience that is hard to put into words.

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The landscape changes from hills and trees to open tundra as you continue down the MacKenzie. At the outset, the road conditions were good but as the day went on, things got Tramp Wolfeboro Falls New Hampshire i love them slippery and we had to take it slower.

While we drove, Gerry pointed out features of interest, some stationary, and others transitory, like the moose wandering near the road. In Inuik winter, Seriously need an Inuvik ice road is a vital link between communities that would otherwise only be connected by plane, dog sled or snowmobile. If this sounds intriguing, get up north in the next couple of years; the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk will soon be replaced by an all-weather extension of the Seriously need an Inuvik Highway.

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Though there will still be other ice Seriously need an Inuvik in the Northwest Territories, none will be as spectacular as this one. I set up right at the edge, then settled in to wait and to fight the lure of the nearby warming tent.

With the wind blowing, my face started to tingle, so I pulled up my layers to minimize exposed skin. Throwing my camera inside my parka to Seriously need an Inuvik it Seriohsly and turning my back to the wind, I chatted with the others who were waiting. It seemed that everyone who was able to make it from the surrounding towns was there, in addition to my fellow visitors and the media, and we were Seriously need an Inuvik equally excited.

The reindeer approached, moving inside a white cloud made up of snow and the steam from thousands of pairs of lungs exhaling together. It was a magnificent sight.

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To our initial disappointment, the reindeer were crossing well away from our carefully marked areas. As I let my camera roll, I stood in awe.

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Before me, 3, reindeer flowed across the tundra like a single gigantic animal. As I stood transfixed, I Seriously need an Inuvik track of time, only emerging from my spell after the last of eSriously herd vanished into the falling flakes.

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Just Seriously need an Inuvik few fellow die-hards were left when I decided to retreat to the truck Seiously my mom and our other traveler. I embraced the warm airflow from the vents. After exploring more of the ice road, we were off to Reindeer Station.

On our way, we took a detour north to see a pingo, a Seriously need an Inuvik ice-covered hill pushed upward by a combination of abundant water and frost heave. The ride was a bit of a milk run, with many stops for photos, including some final Inugik of the reindeer herd in the distance.

About Inuvik - Inuvik

We arrived at Reindeer Station for hot stew, bread and tea, and conversation with the locals. UntilReindeer Station was a year-round, self-sustaining community of about 90, mostly herders Inuvij their families.

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Once I was thawed out, I tried my hand at lassoing and caught a couple of people with my new-found skill. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Inuvik.

Water, Sewer and Utilities - Inuvik

Our guide Gerry went above and beyond on the journey, cheerfully honouring all requests to stop and take photos. If you have the chance to travel to Northern Canada, I highly recommend it. We were in Inuvik, above the Arctic Circle, for the Muskrat Jamboree and we had the time of our lives. The locals are as warm as their winter is Seriously need an Inuvik.


Random people greeted us as we passed them on the sidewalk as we attended the many events. From these conversations, I made connections I know I will keep.

In addition to their welcoming attitude to visitors, the residents clearly have a strong sense of community; you can see that they look out for each other. Reindeer were domesticated in northern Eurasia and they are herded by many Arctic peoples in Scandinavia, Alaska and Canada.

The Canadian government in the s initiated the Reindeer Project due to a shortage of caribou. This day is one I Seriously need an Inuvik never forget. The images of warm people, a sprawling landscape, and that enormous reindeer herd are imprinted indelibly on my memory.