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His sire, Cento was one of the great jumping competitors and his dam, Fragance de Chalus is the greatest broodmare of all time.

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Cento is the classic Holstein mix: Inside he was like a Thoroughbred. The year before that the pair were 2 nd at Reims and inwon the Grand Prix of Sancourt. Raita wome winners on the racetrack and in the jumping ring. Upsala D was a winner of Grand Prix and Puissance.

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Raita Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch produced Marinella, a great jumper with an amateur rider, then Quime, a successful steeple-chaser. Bred to Cidre Mousseux xx, Raita produced Oita, who had an outstanding racing career, 9 wins out of 26 races.

Oita was then bought by Roland Gilberton. Inthe horse was ridden with modest success by Austrian, Jessica Vonach. As a stallion, Triomphe de Muze has already produced a number of international competitors. Why do we need line breeding? What are its benefits?

What are the dangers?

Right from the first paragraph the article is in full swing using the analogy of building a brick wall to suggest that line breeding is effective when it is close, but a danger when it is too close:. These allow him to connect bloodlines. You can see it as the mortar used for the construction of a house, and it makes that the stallions that are successively used in the creation of the individual are not stacked up like loose bricks.

Too much mortar will result in concrete and unskillful bricklaying in bad quality. Balance is therefore the key word for the effective use of in-breeding and line-breeding. And when that balance is achieved, the relevant horse has Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch higher chance of developing into an exceptional showjumping horse.

In breeding, such a horse has a better chance to make an indelible mark and to turn out to be a corner-stone. Ladies seeking casual sex Largo breeding with the same stallion on the top and bottom side of Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch pedigree, increases the chances of inheriting the valuable qualities of the stallion. As soon as an ancestor is represented more than once in the pedigree of a horse, there is a higher chance that the autosomal chromosomes carry a higher percentage of DNA of the relevant ancestor.

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The object of line-breeding is twofold. One is to reinforce the same DNA of an ancestor in the new product, which increases the chances that the genes on the DNA Hto be expressed. The other is to unite as many different parts of the DNA of the relevant ancestor as possible. A sire and a dam each pass on fifty percent of their autosomal chromosomes to their product.

It is therefore theoretically possible that an ancestor passes on two different halves of his autosomal chromosomes to two different offspring. When you unite iin two different offspring, parts of the different Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch of the DNA are united in the new product.

This is important because the total of the DNA forms the basis for the various qualities of the relevant ancestor. The more different parts of this DNA are united in the new product, the higher the chances that it will have the same combination Bosflether qualities as the relevant ancestor.

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From the third generation onwards we find ample line-breeding in the pedigrees of successful showjumping horses. Of course, since Jac is writing in the official journal of the Zangersheide Studbook, he cannot ignore the breeding philosophy of founding father, Leon Melchior.

Nevertheless line-breeding in the first two generations can be very powerful when the relevant individual occurs in the pedigree in the previous generations.

At that time there Hot hirls xxx Bahamas often sufficient variation which allows the powerful concentration of genes, as in the example with the Ho of the stallion Rex Z.

Again Jac is being pretty kind about Rex as a sire. Despite having the very large broodmare band at Zangersheide at his disposal, his production was modest, just 18 of his progeny recorded international placings, with the two Jac points to, Roble Z and Regina Z, by far the most Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch.

This could explain why line-breeding on a stallion via a son and a daughter is exceptionally successful… I prefer line breeding from the fourth generation because this makes it possible to apply powerful womn while preserving sufficient free generations that ensure variation of the DNA.

At the same time line-breeding from Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch fourth generation ensures that the first three Bodsflether are free of mmaturewhich also ensures variation. It is Horny women in Dayton, TN that Jac draws attention to the mare, Pocahontas: We can consider her the most significant mare in bloodstock breeding mautre showjumping horse breeding.

In mxture Nearco xx was line-bred 37 times on Pocahontas xx in the seventh to eleventh generation, via her sons Stockwell xx 22xKing Tom xx 7x and Rataplan xx Hot mature women in Borsflether Wischas well as her daughters Araucaria xx 1xAyancanora xx 1x and Borsfletber of Lucknow xx 1x. Here I start to worry, I remember asking Jacob Melissen one time, is the Friesian part of the ancestry of the modern Love in shermanbury Warmblood, and Jacob replying, just like you and I are related since we both come from Adam and Eve.

I tried looking at the pedigree of an Australian Thoroughbred stallion, Lappy. Lappy was a great grandson of the Matude Stallion, King of the Tudors, whose pedigree features some of the famous names that keep popping up on jumping pedigrees, in particular, Owen Tudor and Blue Peter. When we go hunting Pocahontas on his pedigree, we find the same sort of results Jac Remijnse got. I am quite sure given the Hot horny women in Denver seven in this line, that we Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch end up with about a thousand crosses.

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But does it mean anything other than at the time, with a much smaller population of Thoroughbreds, an exceptional mare like Pocahontas appears on almost all the successful Thoroughbred pedigrees, and would probably appear just as profusely on a few modern Thoroughbreds who are incapable of jumping a cavaletti?!

On his sire line there is very little by way of line breeding on his pedigree until Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch get back to Adam and Eve territory.

He is by Furioso II, with all Brazil women xxx usual suspects on his pedigree: Precipitation, Bay Ronald, Son-in-Law and Orange Peel and I am willing to bet a couple of thousands of crosses of Pocahontas, but in the first six generations, not a single ancestor doubled up, let along doubled up top and bottom.

However Bofsflether his article, Jac draws attention to the influence of Pocahontas on Gotthard:.

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This is first of all due to the foundation sires used at the end of the 19 th century. His blood was particularly distributed by Goldfisch II, who is the sire of Gotthard, amongst others.

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Jac points out that two of Naughty looking hot sex Hunt Valley very successful modern Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch stallions, For Pleasure and Stakkato, are both Borsflethre on Goldfisch II and Gotthard. This is more promising: Phalaris on the top side, Phalaris on the bottom sire, and at least 36 crosses of Stockwell, and just on 20 by King Tom.

Nimmerdor is by Farn by Fax I by Fanatiker. Achill was instrumental in the breeding of another of the modern greats, Libero H. A Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch who was a fan of Holsteiner horses persuaded him to breed Holsteiner jumpers. They researched pedigrees of successful jumpers and kept finding the foundation sire Achill in the pedigrees.

Libero H is inbred to Achill41 times.

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The Achill line survived just! Not surprisingly, Libero was originally registered as Achill. Another name that appears again and again, is Ethelbert. I could keep going, the stallion Landgraf not the modern one appears in profusion on both the top and bottom lines, but the point has been made — Fanatiker is strongly Local bbw for discreet fwb Ridgedale, but I Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch we could say about any traditional Holsteiner stallion.

Is there a point in the development of a breed — even one that becomes as numerous as the Thoroughbred — where a certain amount of line breeding is inevitable because the population is so small? The dam line is more exotic.

Her sire, Gabriel, was a representative of the Ethelbert line. In fact she traces to the Ethelbert line again, since Banka is out of Lanziska who is by Makart, from the other dominating Ethelbert line of the period, the Mackensen line. Mackensen is a son of Elegant and he in turn is the sire of Makart.

In her new home in Holland, Morgenster produced two approved sons, Senator by Paladijn and Sinaeda by Camillus — she also produced the mare, Lyda, who returned to Germany where she was the grand dam of the World Cup Xxx ladies Kirchheim unter Teck, Anka.

The final dam line, that of Rozieta features a couple of mirrors: Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch was a decent competitor and a very good sire, but showed no line breeding. Nimmerdor was a decent competitor and a very very good sire, and he had lots and lots of Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch breeding.

Kannan perfectly fits the line breeding model as outlined by Jac and is a much better sire than he was a competitor… a super sire to be exact, and seems to be doing it over a variety of mares. Jac also makes the very interesting point that line breeding can transmit good genes even via some fairly normal stallions: Because these kinds of stallions often carry the blood of a successful ancestor in which line-breeding was used, they are of crucial importance.

Because for that reason those insignificant stallions have enabled the line-breeding and can therefore serve as conduits of DNA.

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It is therefore the line-breeding on Showoff and local sexs important ancestor that almost always explains how it is possible that insignificant stallions often feature in the Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch of world famous showjumping horses.

Jac Remijnse concludes his article Wisc a wonderful quote from the Holsteiner line-breeding expert, Axel de Chapeaurouge: What do most young people do when their mum is out of town? Have a wild party?

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Take the car for a spin? Or like me, enter a One Day Event? Mxture understand this story there probably needs to be a bit of background.

My mum and I had been talking about putting him in an ODE for a few months but with someone else riding. It was met with a resounding WHAT?!?! Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch after much pleading and begging she reluctantly agreed to let me have a crack — now all we had to figure out was how to jump without legs!

Thankfully my little pony Eli is a pretty easy going guy and after a bit of trial and error I found if I grabbed his mane I could pull myself up to jump and then push on his neck to get back in the saddle. The big day arrived with a drizzle and clouds and we packed ourselves off to SIEC, mum a nervous wreck and myself not far behind. A clear showjumping Sexy blonde long shot saw us stay in the top 5 and then the moment mum had been dreading the cross country!

All in all a successful day. As I said the last couple of years have been a bit up and down and a little bit of diversifying Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch sporting interests, the main one being I learnt to play wheelchair basketball. I started as a young boy, riding Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch.

Hot mature women in Borsflether Wisch

When I was sixteen years Wissch, my father bought me my first Holsteiner mare. She was a good sport horse, but when she got old, we started to breed.

That is our system still today. When I was a student I preferred to go for six weeks in Greece for my holidays — not to a competition.