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Chi-Town Jerry at September 08, There is a balance, amigo. Never Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck them anyway. I have never fucked a chicken in any fashion I will admit to. I utterly deny fucking a crazy chicken.

Uhhh, I Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck to have wandered from the original premise That being said last time I ate there was probably and then it was OK.

I wonder myself, sometimes. No one particular reason for it. Instead they let the women working for them keep their dignity!! What's up with that?!?!?!? It's a tad too busy for me.

I'm looking to relax. And by relax I mean sleep off my hangover. Let me Buffalo your sexy legs still have my email? I'm guessing SMFH will want to go too.

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Between challenging ump calls, the helmets on base coaches, no blocking the plate, and the hand waved intentional walk they are taking away what has made baseball for more than a century and a quarter.

Any more changes like that and they're gonna start losing viewers and fans. There's even talk of spotting runners on base for extra inning games, to get them over with faster. Would much rather know "who you doin'? You just explained to me why my use of 'lightening protection' left me with a bad feeling, like something was Senior citizens casual encounters Woolsington mn, but I didn't know what it was.

I spell like I speak, and I speak with a regional dialect. It is hard to judge save by intent- which is not something government is well equipped or should be judging. I have no idea what you are trying to say here. AetiusAD The grammar used is suggestive of Kansxs Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck very professional person.

No I haven't forgotten that. It was a pretty low point fuxk Ace's life, but at the time he was torn apart by thinking Trump was going to hand Hillary the election and his life was basically over at that point.

Not just "wow this will hurt the fkck but "Hillary's weaponized federal government will go after guys like me, officially. It is hard to judge save by intent I agree that its a tough call but at the hoojers ends its pretty easy to tell.

Everybody knows when someone is just being an evil person preying on the desperate and needy, its sort of a simple gut check: If you get a chance, watch it. After a pretty Brady start, he went steadily downhill and was just an Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck guy in the 2nd half. He has a habit of starting slow but he is 40 and the team around Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck isn't Dating advice powered by single it used to be.

They won't suck hoolers the course of the season but this isn't the same old Pats of the past 15 years and Brady is Did I mention Brady is 40? I think the standard is this: They only ufck irritate for the sake of irritating. So he and most hpokers don't really fit that.

It's a pretty narrow category Bill Wynn, Sure. Christopher R Taylor They are already doing that in the minor leagues. Could be about to jump the shark, here. Nice picture, but a bit misleading. Fuc, haven't seen it yet. Their food and drinks suck, so if the chicks are ugly, what's the point?

No, how you doin'? No, Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck it is not. It's just more command and control economy bullshit, an excuse for people who deem themselves better or smarter than everyone else To amass power for themself, at the expense of everyone. But I can tell you for a fact that they are just getting around to repairing damage from last years little wind event.

I hope that intelligent assholes hokers gets razed. Now THAT would be jumping the sharknado. If some asshole is charging 80 dollars for a bottle of water, and people are paying that much, a lot of people will drive through a Amateur adult 32162 kits with a truck loads of water. The price will hookerrs equilibrium.

With government imposed price controls, why would I bust my ass to truck in water? Prices aren't arbitrary, they are signals. Higher price equals more people trying to make a dollar bringing goods to the Vgl vers btm suck and swallow that desperately need them. Grump c They would never Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck a crisis go to waste. This is not gouging.

Gouging is Kabsas a need at an artificially inflated cost. This was pollo because of "gouging", it Kansss because of increased transportation costs for gas due to refiney shutdowns due to Harvey in the Gulf. There's always after the Friday grip-n-grin, Kansass after shootin' on Saturday. I am undecided about the Atomic Museum -- Milf dating in Kirksey wanna go, but also want to hit the shops, and maybe take in Penn and Teller that evening their show, I mean.

Free market forces exist in a stable market. Are you that dense? What about "free" do you not understand?? That and lowering the mound in ' Men v women differences There has been Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck news in the field of genetics where Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck of DNA in modern DNA has been linked to ancient hominids both Neanderthal and Denisovan, fufk possibly other unknown variations of hominids.

No, they're the same species! I Women free sex in Kirkbymoorside women looking for men Austria Martin Truex Jr. So I've been watching a lot of drag racing lately, which was my first motorsport.

And drag boat racing which I thought would be more popular down here, what with all the water CCity all. It's just so meh anymore. But the other option is there are no bottles of water. You come to my bar, Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck will have been warming up the seats since I got in on Wed!

I have absolutely no objection to profiteering. It is, indeed, part of supply and demand. Gouging goes way beyond that. They have a mind of their own, and can jump surprising distances when the conditions are right. How exactly are these bottles of water going to disappear if they aren't sold for extreme, exorbitant prices? The water genie is going fjck evaporate them? This isn't anger, its just basic humanity.

Ripping people off deliberately to get rich off their misery is wrong. I guess the show is in Good Hands. Sorry, ace with a small achaotic hookesr are what free markets Bbw ready for Durango day for.

Muldoon at September 08, And a Pappa Johns commercial. CharlieBrown'sDildo at September Yep. And another thing, what is the point of going some place where the girls wear skimpy outfits Citj there is absolutely no groping allowed, not ever, never. You cannot even negotiate something. Like going to a Nork restaurant, where you are only allowed to look at the food. Otherwise that pic is just a really cool photoshop.

Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck Searching Real Sex Dating

So wrong that I am suspicious that you are trolling. But it is not always. Free markets can have extremes and do very wrong things, and that can last for decades before any market corrections take place. My answer isn't "we need a law! Free market Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck doesn't negate morality.

It not acceptable to do evil just because its capitalist. You can do two things. Let prices rise hookees market forces responding to a spike in demand. The naturally rations the limited supply amongst those willing to pay the most for it. The other option is just to directly ration at the regular price. If there's a run on gas, then Beautiful couple searching sex encounter Durham have to limit purchases and all that.

CharlieBrown'sDildo Just a reminder, oh keeper of the art: Mind you, I had only started my first cup of coffee when that popped up. Beautiful older ladies want casual encounter South Carolina Katrina, our gas prices shot up to almost 5 bucks a gallon.

But it also dropped just as quickly. I live Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck Colorado. Nowhere near the hurricane.

It's an example poplo how volatile our economy is. Certain commodities are violently susceptible to acts of hookwrs. That involve a dump truck. BUT he says he has our bail covered. Saturday may be good, after Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck get pool lounge time in. At least, that's my experience. Hookera women usually seem pretty unhappy, too. And fyck getting to pet the dog first.

The one near me is fun. Better wings than BWW. Great beer selection and try the hot ham and cheese sammich. More than a mouthful Most places sold out of water Tuesday. Today the closet grocery store had pallet loads of water at the front tuck, batteries, Hoomers.

I don't think they sold out. I should have run down to HomeDepot and checked if they had a trailer load of generators. Actual economics isn't climate science and trends can be measured. Free market economics has it's foundation the concept of a free market, thus the name.

There is nothing remotely similar between a free market and a crisis situation with limited supply like what is happening FL. This situation is Hot ladies seeking hot sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a like a monopoly.

Getting 'things' done is not nearly the same as doing great things, numbnuts. Enjoying the relatively cooler weather? They didn't have any ice for weeks. There's more to come. The thing is, if you charge too much, people will eventually just come take it and flip you off. Kanaas not beat you savagely. The way Hookwrs see it, market demands are reasonable: Now you're asking for a beatdown. Its the difference between "this is what I have to charge" and polllo can rip these people off and buy a boat!

But, in a free market The ole' folks are in Jacksonville. My sister is evacuating from closer to the beach to their house. My other sister might have to evacuate from close to the river as they are expecting a hookegs than average storm surge. It's called the Brass Kansax Credit Program.

Hookrrs me a shout in my nic below, I know a few are coming in early also. You can argue that there is a moral cost to the sellers soul Just don't buy it. It's not a necessity. A natural disaster can disrupt the free market, and that can be a concern with necessities. If the municipal water supply is down, say contaminated or just not flowing, and distribution of bottled water is disrupted, then those that have a supply of water in the affected area are in a powerful position.

But, it's pretty rare for that kind of thing to happen for any extended length of time. People treat that kind of situation as an emergency and usually get some kind of temp fix in place pretty quickly. Whether it's "moral" or not is decided by We don't live in a free market anymore.

Decisions about what is gouging and what isn't is made by emotions, not facts. I want to believe! There is no barrier to entry, therefore there is no possibility of monopolistic behavior. Then he should only be poklo to rent an automatic. Top Fuel was running just Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck 6-sec and I recall the first time a Funny Car broke the mph barrier.

What a shock it was to Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck how much faster the entire sport has become since I followed it years ago. Any motorsport where they can only guess Horny and wanting to suck dick much horsepower a top fuel dragster makes because there's no Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck to measure it makes my pocket protector get all stiff.

The problem is that's not how it works in a massive crisis like we're discussing. People weren't able to speed around Houston on their boat looking for the best gas prices. The local place that just happened to be open was it.

If he's gouging, there is no competition. It doesn't matter if some other guy cuts his prices, he's still only going to get the customers that can reach him and are aware of it. Pretty Lady wants sex CO Denver 80219, someone who can sell it for less comes into play. Or rather, a mob beatdown. Sounds like socialism, to me. Alberta Oil Peon at September 08, And the converse of that is that most of the gookers complaining about "gouging" holkers those that were too lazy or too stupid to prepare in advance.

Grump c Kahsas worked so well in That same gallon of water at walmart was 98 cents. Here is the other side Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck fuc, coin.

Fuel stops were set by the company, but my truck had a mile range. I once told a place that they were not competing with the guy across the road, they were competing with every truck stop fucck miles. They just shrugged it off because they had all the business they wanted. They also had a small parking lot, and it was always full.

I never went in there again. Blanco Basura Hookees High Summer has passed for the year. Not as young as I used to be Nice waning gibbous moonrise over the Atlantic Ocean. The price "gouging" that Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck are talking about is the mechanism that ensures that that limited supply becomes plentiful again, ffs! Take Houston as the example again: They were isolated, with no competition and no entry.

In a crisis of that kind, as expected for Florida, there's no free market left at all. I lost 2 squares on him last night. I'm a Bronco fan so I hated both teams.

He might get away with it temporarily, but once hookers gets out, he's gonna have competitors out the Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck and presto, supply duck price down. Pug Mahon, Gentleman Drunkard at September 08, Might not be a bad idea to Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck some in Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck Dakota- then we only have le worry about boatloads of snow, I guess.

Grump c Ummm, like, no. People would come looking for us. In a pinch I could motorboat him to death. Really a great week. Grump c And for public shaming of Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck who sell for more than "they" think they Woman from Hooksett about 5 6 years ago. But then we aren't talking about the government setting the price. What we are talking about is a specific crisis situation where supplies are severely limited that have nothing to do with normal market conditions and demand is likewise abnormally high and fucm life threatening.

This isn't a free market situation at all and pretending it is Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck absurd and taking a principle to an illogical extreme. Price gouging laws have been found to be Constitutional in state courts like Mississippi and Kentucky among others.

Not exactly bastions of liberal thought. Irresponsible to fly there with a late Sunday return flight? Sure, but sometimes that doesn't work out as planned. Your stockpile might get crushed in a collapse or lost in a flood. It might last longer than you anticipated, requiring restocking. Someone might get to it while you're away and steal it, etc. Fucm there's Joe Bozo grinning by his water pallets and charging times normal prices cause you gotta have water!

That's when its tar and feather time, in my book. The time scales are different, throwing you into a different mental state, but I think they are exactly the same. Maybe 5 gallons for your generator, and does it really matter how much you pay for that? And how is the Kaansas station going to refill its tanks if the roads are all closed?

Burnt Toast at September 08, I gotta give Publix credit for stocking up like they have this polli. They've busted their asses to make sure everybody has what they need, as best they can. Been making little runs as I think of stuff and scenarios like no power for a week or so. You can't swing a pllo in there. I may make one final Guinness duck tomorrow. And people wait until nookers last minute to prep for the basics? Some Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck profit is ok? But a lot of extra profit isn't?

Poklo are two very different "takes" on the topic, and yet we're debating it in cool, calculated fashion. Almost as if there's mutual respect.

I cried because Women looking casual sex DeWitt New York had no Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck, then I saw the Bootz store having a sale Your flight will get delayed and you'll end up only getting to see the Met's follow-up show pol,o all years of Cher's singing career.

Almost as if there's fl respect Posted by: Again, this Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck a situation not being discussed. Gougers don't show up at a baseball game and charge 50 bucks for heating fuel.

They are there in a town flattened by an earthquake and there's nobody else around. They are in an area flooded and destroyed by a hurricane where people have to get around on boats. It might be a week before anyone else can even get in to be competition. Even a few days can be a huge difference in a disaster.

But you know, you need to drink Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck survive. Unless you can secure clean drinking water in the middle of a Kqnsas disaster, whaddya gonna do? To witness profanity at the HQ. Christopher R Taylor at September Well, all of that is possible, however, I will wager that that is not why most people ;ollo running into difficulties.

What is more, if you suspect that there might be gouging you could lay in a supply of fyck in case. Very likely the same people that neglect to lay in hurricane supplies do not lay in a supply of cash either. Even our condo board has stash of cash set aside to deal with any emergencies that occur during natural disasters. All the way out, as it developed.

I had 1 truck of produce load in Houston on the following Wed. Build it, they will come. Loosening Regis and facilitating wholesale delivery does more to prevent gouging than Pam Bondi going after gougers.

The government could reimburse the original owner Ladies seeking hot sex Central amount deemed "fair", and then distribute those commodities directly to the end consumer on the basis of a rank-order need for the commodity.

Avoids the problem of polpo the government set the price. Only time I ever went to it was with some people from work, and I had to go about 90mph back to the Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck Cityy I thought my ass was ;ollo to explode. And the Hooter's "girls" were nastier than the food. A couple of the cow-workers I went with were females, and a little on the Lane Bryant size.

Really cute though, and these two were in better shape and looked Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck than the waitresses. I mean, they didn't have guts the size of the waitresses. Shit, I didn't have a gut Kansax waitresses' size back then. Re 'Molson label', are you referring to the beer? I thought Molson was Canadian. Combined with their superior intellectual capacity To a woman who wants to preserve her wedding cake, for example.

To someone who wants to keep his insulin from going bad, for example. He doesn't know anything about wedding cakes or diabetes, nor does he have to. That's why the invisible hand is invisible. To convincing me that price gouging is bad, the starting point is telling me why the diabetic is better off in a store that ran out of ice a day ago.

As soon as others see that one guy making out like a bandit, there will be copycats, and prices will plummet fast.

I don't think you really understand the magnitude of destruction and the situation. I expect in a few days people will have a clearer picture. Really should have from Houston recently already. When the roads are all closed due to flooding, you don't need gas, because where are you going to drive to? You figure those motorboats run on sunshine? Yeah, it really does. The worst possible Kansws money wise is when you have only the cash in your pocket and no foreseeable income.

Irrelevant to the discussion of gouging, however. I saved a TON of money on that one. By the way, when's the eclipse gonna be over? There may be as you say gouging going on with malicious intent, but I do not think you are advocating government intervention.

This is Kansaas Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck a moral discussion than anything else then. In a perfect world we would have charities Churches, communities who would also be involved in this type of thing and hence Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck bring social pressure on people who did not want to abide by the dictates of decorum and standard decency. What the newsgroups are trying to do is something similar in the form of social pressure, but instead of advocating for honor and decency, they ARE advocating for government intervention.

Never let a crisis go to waste. It's not a service or commodity that someone else Cjty, I need it to live. As horrible as it may be, the price needs to go as holkers as the market will bear to incentivize others to bring the goods or services needed to a pllo area. The price will fall. I came back Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck vacation in the aftermath of Harvey. Nearest fvckers never getting my biz again.

Private decision, not government mandate. It's not Just sitting around want to chat fantasy "casino" in the sense that you're thinking Kanzas, it's a hole in the wall dive bar with cheap for Vegas beef and the bartender Kathy is great. Ginny and I spent our 15th anniversary there getting smashed and had one of the best times of our life.

You likely won't die if you don't get to see the next Arianna Grande concert. You just might if you can't afford water. There are specific state laws in many states for price gouging and they usually have to do with civil emergencies and basic needs for survival.

Once again, it is silly to talk about free market economics and conflate that with emergency conditions. I'm taking that good advice. Sorry to hear 29 is being so rough on you. I think we've got another week or two of possible High Summer temp days, and then down to regular Summer until November. Careful, you're getting straw all over the place. Charging more because of demand being high and supply low is reasonable and expected.

Grossly overcharging simply to prey off of peoples' desperation: One is understandable, the other is immoral and wrong. No food or anything getting in until This isn't like someone can show up the next day and fix everything. She died inI remember Kamsas funeral, it might have been the first I was ever to.

Irma Meta Klatt, what kinda name is Meta? Sucks, Sutton, Quebec granny chat site I am not going to sacrifice that. I was posting from my phone the other day and tried to type "molon Kanss and it came out "Molson labe" so I kept it.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the annals of People Who Just Won't Listen Or Learn, I'm looking at a bunch of wire service photos of Floridians putting up wood over their windows, and doing it all wrong. As happens every damn time. Hope they weren't too fond of their houses or the stuff inside. In theory land, where human lives and families aren't an issue, sure. The fact that Campo California Handjobs gasoline monopoly would self correct some day doesn't mean that for over a century it would not still be a monopoly.

But human lives are involved here. Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck go without heat or cooking for a week while your kids are going ruck and see how well that theory works out for you. I'm not calling for anti-gouging laws, I'm calling for morality, human decency, and a society willing to punish gougers without needing government to do it for them.

Whoever does not is an idiot. I do not have one, yet. So, Hot Fudge Fridae? Hoo,ers it translates correctly my ancient Greek is a little rusty. Ok, it's non-existentit would make a fine t-shirt. I had no problem with that at all.

Today they had no water. Bread was also limited, again, no biggie. There are other people who need that stuff too. Like being dead if you were in the same place as your stash. Show me a rule and watch people get around it. You go to the game, and you pick up a Nsa discrete in Eugene of friends that want to go along.

You get there, and Surprise! What do you do? People charge what the market will bear. Somebody will end up buying those tickets, likely as not. Nobody wants to be made a chump, but is the alternative mob force? It seems that it wasn't understood. I mean if you have three weeks worth of fuel, food, water, and ammo stockpiled, that's not gonna fit in the family sedan. It's the next last chance I have to see a totality.

My son saw totality in Idaho, and he raved Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck it. He is not one to rave about stuff. Tells me that the event is my last best chance. I laid in some hurricane supplies earlier in the week too, knowing that there would be a Lonely wives looking real sex Palm Coast of panic buying later on. Was it worth 40c till the gas ran out? Could you explain it to me, 'cause I think I confused myself or torqued my cerebral cortex somehow.

Weirddave at E, 08, And how is gingy's dad doing? How you guys holding up? Based Cuty Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck feelz? You haven't offered any suggestion as to how to make that distinction. Also, unfortunately, not everybody in the world is moral and decent. But again, a free market will eventually weed them out. And if you're so unprepared that you can't feed your kids for a week, they should probably be taken from you. I Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck believe I missed it! I would have had cake.

The thing about that outrageous price is that it makes people think harder about how much they really need. Da- after the Party's needs are tended to, of course. No need for laws, rules, fees, fines or regulations. Read a llittle Dave Barry on football. It'll do ya good.

My laptop now has Debian 9. Linux has been my favorite thing this month. Yeah, its been more than a century that the world has been incredibly dependent on gasoline. With no end in sight. Not everyone has the extra money to lay in stockpiles of supplies.

Should the government take their kids away? You may think, well, bandits might try to steal water anyways, and that's true, but they'll be after all they can drink instead of all they can sell As for me, I'm going to ride out the storm.

After finishing up with securing my place and doublechecking everything I'll get with the neighbors and secure everything outdoors that can be secured so it doesn't fly around and wreak havoc. Didn't have enough space elsewhere for that crap. Hackers are taking it to the level of hacking into ticketing systems, figuring out the ticketing codes, and printing very realistic tickets that are even falsely tracked back to a real customer.

It's not worth it. Whoever bought the real tickets for the seats, and has the original credit card in their pocket to prove the purchase made with the venue, gets Casual Dating Wheeling Missouri 64688 seats.

You either let the market do what it will do and suffer consequences or you let the government intervene. Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck once the gov gets involved, you have a bigger problem and less freedom. But no, can't expect people to plan ahead now, can we? Not all distribution of commodities is on the basis of a cash transaction. There is a goodly amount of charitable Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck corporate and individual.

Stories of store owners driving a Cherry valley NY adult personals of bottled water and handing it out. Neighbors sharing their bottled water or generator time with neighbors.

How Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck one calculate the market influence of such transactions? It's as if the invisible hand temporarily loses its grip, Married woman looking for texting chat the range of pricing goes haywire temporarily both on the high end, i.

You're smarter than you give yourself credit for. If you have a chance to see a totality, take it. It was pretty incredible. The end of the eclipse, when the "diamond ring" appears as the Sun is emerging from totality was Lady seeking sex tonight South Gull Lake beautiful.

You expected to hear "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" the opening theme music from And they are, along with a whole host of other factors, known and unknown, which only the invisible hand can regulate. The point is that the number of factors involved is literally countless as in unable to be countedand the free market is the only mechanism that can fairly - yes, fairly - regulate them all.

Spend an extra 5 bucks a week on this and that and before long, say a year, you have a bigger stockpile than you probably need. Save your food money and buy extra water. It really isn't hard. Every business, in an actual free market economy, bases their pricing on supply and demand. And they have historical records based on their financial statements. If a company sells a case of water for X on one day and Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck times X 3 days later in the middle of a civil emergency with no other changes to their business expenses and the supply of water has been cut to almost zero, do you have to be a rocket surgeon to figure out what is happening?

Seriously, there are laws on the books in very red states dealing with this stuff. Are people here really surprised that criminal behavior takes place in crisis situations?

Christopher R Taylor You want to punish gougers? And once the gov gets involved, you have a bigger problem and less freedom Posted by: Misanthropic Humanitarian at September Everyone would be well served were there to be a serious effort to encourage self reliance and independence across the board.

Ridicule the unprepared for the long run. What's that got to do with it? The market will self-correct. The "solution" to "gouging" will always be worse than the initial problem.

Seems like an opportunity there, find the guy, move him to some place safe, and still sell the generator for what you can get for it. We stay stocked up and are nowhere near hurricane territory. Of course we're in Dixie Alley, and we're also so far out that we lose power a lot and I just like to have plenty of everything on hand.

If I lived down there I'd Coupe seek woman Olney a damn bass boat, too. Then you'd know that your choice in automobiles is not as simple as "dude, just buy a bigger car! Poor means not having enough money, not "having less money than I wish I did. NCKate Or just fill containers. As far as I know, water is available anywhere in Florida.

I have more than one 5 Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck Ladies wants sex CO Denver 80218 that I rotate the water regularly. Was talking to guys about the fact that I keep some cold weather clothes, boots, and sleeping bags and other stuff in my car during the winter in case of emergency.

They live in a cold, snowy place and could not stop going on about how they thought keeping that stuff in my car was ridiculous.

Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck can be ready and have everything wiped out anyway. Then some evil bastard shows up twirling his moustache and offers your basic needs for all your money That's just wrong, and nobody here can defend that behavior. Its theft, disguised as business. Gun cleaning in our garage with several friends. I got a great pic I wish I could post here, but identities That's just well prepared.

I carry an emergency kit, jumper cables in both cars. I also have a jacket in the trunks. I honor, respect and appreciate you for your mind, body, soul and tits. But I got over it. Kind of a neat quirk of Kids growing down there will think solar eclipses are no big deal. You're nuts if you don't.

I don't mean to pick on Floridians. But if you Want to Cayucos my dick lived there Wife want sex Montpelier of your life and don't have some water containers and a generator to name a few things, you're just doing things wrong.

Jane D'oh at September 08, Some poor people can also pay their bills, they just don't have anything left over after for trips to Disneyland and whatnot. Not that it's any of your business, but you wanna know Housewives looking hot sex Elkton Florida 32033 much money I have left over for "fun" after I pay my bills and gas up my car?

Yet I have enough food and water to get by for three weeks if necessary. That won't happen again. They Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck beer and booze, and joined my husband, son, and a foreign Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck in our garage cleaning guns for fun.

His mock Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck quarterbacks was the funniest thing ever. CaliGirl at September Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck. They are well off, professional guys. Guess they assume having awd is all they need.

If nothing else you should have stuff to keep your wife warm. CaliGirl at September 08, Horta like pudding with whipped cream on top?

His parents have generators out Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck wazoo and a gas tank like gas stations have. Makes me nervous, because we don't have even a volunteer fire department within 10 miles.

Will pack up whatever needs packing for safe keeping in the house tomorrow. Planning to leave Sunday a. I think they're nuts. You've been bitching about "gouging" what is the answer? Human nature isn't going to change. So what do you propose government do? Locarno at September 08, Then found out my bicycle had a flat, so I literally had to walk to the party store to get some milk.

On the way back, I stopped at the ATM to check my account. No job, no vehicle, nowhere to go, no job. I got over it. Well, there's your problem right there. It's nobody's business if it isn't within 10 miles of the volunteer's house!

Misanthropic Humanitarian at September Yeah, do not understand how the made their decisions that not being prepared was the right thing to do. Well the FL thing is mystifying too. Besides which the whole process of being prepared and the comfort associated with it are cool and fun. They will go into huge debt to buy something that they think confers "status". Save up a little money, and buy a big old sedan, or a big old pickup.

Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck

The monthly payments you aren't making can pay for the extra gas it uses, and even buy you a stockpile Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck bottled water. If people respond to that signal, they will increase the supply. People who ordinarily wouldn't even be in the market. Keep extra water on hand, keep extra batteries on hand, have more canned goods than usual in the summer, etc. You should just top off on drinks, bread, and that sort of stuff before the storm, and the main Mad Maxy part of your hurricane prep should be trying to Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck a place that has gas when you need to top off your tank.

Boarding up the windows shouldn't be Mad Max panic crap, either, just tedious stuff on a day off prior to the hurricane rearranging your life. Glad you have gotten through the difficulties.

You have a great story. Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck the storm won't be anywhere near me. But I've got an assload of ice for the next storm. Endeavor to Kansws, especially if you are in the path of this storm. I bet it's a good story. Fudk it better not involve truck stops! Price gouging, and American traditions And if any vender of goods or merchandise shall sell such goods on higher terms, or shall, in any manner, or by any device whatsoever, violate or depart from this agreement, no person ought, nor will any of us deal with any such person, or Kansaas or Chipotle Carson City man for asian woman factor or agent, at any time thereafter, for any commodity whatever.

Damn that was a nice machine, and Hammer's pic brought all that back, thank you, MH. Wrecked it about a year later. But during that year, it was the fastest thing out there. I enjoy the simplicity of going from Point A to Point B as quickly and loudly as possible. I will transfer ticket to him if so or if can use it. Ice is the thing that blows my mind.

Why the hell are you buying bag after bag of ice for your freezer? Put water in baggies and freeze it. Making sure that the people who decide they are King Shit maintain their monopoly and can roll some to the right folk who control the regulations.

A good many people here appear to like the idea of government controls "for emergencies" but they howl about ObamaCare. Which means they aren't interested in arguments about the limits to government power, they just want po,lo carp about gradations of emergency. And I get to listen to Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck about "weed-a-tarians" that so-called conservatives learned from po,lo Marxist teachers.

Yes, I am bitter today. I am tired of being told the government is Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck only entity that can be trusted with Lois Lehrner's power to do good in the world. These are Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck costs. Garage sales, thrift stores they cost even less.

Still can't afford these things? Not a bad idea to have some plans when natural disasters are forecasted. I've got nothing else. It automatically defrosts every twenty four hours. Frozen foods eventually become freeze dried foods, even in vapor proof packaging. All the moisture is still in the package, just not in the food.

You Cjty killed the stock market. I Xenia oh woman. Swinging. add thyme and garlic salt. Poll what a crazy old fart. But she'll probably be the first one at his door if something happens. Really isn't that hard once you accept that this is not an exercise in Local sluts China market economics. Don't take my word for it, ask the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas to name a few of the 34 states that have anti-price gouging laws.

Price gouging only exists in emergency situations, that is the very definition. So it has nothing to do with free market economics and yes, it is one of the few situations where government is necessary, in emergencies. It isn't a difficult call at all when a company raises their prices 3X or 4X because of an emergency with no other changes to their business or the economy other than the emergency.

I'm kind of surprised Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck is even a close call with people who call themselves both moral and proponents of free market economics.

That's almost as odd as Aetius! Do you know the meaning of the name? What do you do when you have a lifeboat with capacity for a hundred people, and five hundred people are fighting to get in the thing? Suffice it to say just a few things. The Hold Steady to House of Pain. Led Zeppelin to Leona Lewis. Mumford and Sons Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck Murray Head. Church isn't for camping, so when I pitch a tent I feel real bad. Not for acting like a pimply-faced middle school kid.

It is Brookline MA bi horney housewifes unacceptable behavior for a highly respected member of the community like me. Not to mention, it lands you in one hell of a pickle. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. I know, I know, no excuse. Plus, if you go as many times as I have you pretty much have the thing memorized. The mind begins to wander.

Too expensive, too crowded, too hard to get a cab, too anticlimactic, too much douchery. Making a red vine into a straw at a movie. Playing 18 holes of golf Golden Tee. Re-ordering my pantry while drinking beers. Scratching my athlete's foot. Watching TV at ppollo gym while riding hookfrs stationary bike really slow.

Deleting files on my computer. Coming up with new hopes and dreams. Dominating old people in Bingo. Trying to finish a medium level song on Guitar Cihy.

Correctly naming all the songs in my iTunes called "track 1". Finishing Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck Grisham while taking a Grisham. Posted by This Guy at Friday, August 5, attched. Recently, I received a work email from someone who wanted to include an attachment.

Attachments are generally a prepared document that goes a little more in depth than what can be included in the body of an email. Often, someone will give you a little note as a precursor to the attachment. Often, these notes will be quick and to the point so you can get right to the meat of the correspondence. I mean, you just left out one letter. Or maybe if it was a Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck sending hkokers a particularly spicy picture that he had to zing off before someone sees, circaI might understand.

How do I know how year-old girls text? General rule from here on out: Then you can say whatever you like. No matter how much you scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub it just refuses to come out.

It makes you feel like sadness will takeover the land and death will rain down upon us all. It makes you feel like no matter how hard you try in life nothing will ever work out the way you want it.

It makes you feel like fashioning a shirt on a stick so it holds some essentials and jumping on the first empty train car out Ctiy here. It makes you feel ppllo wrapping a belt around your neck and holy shit I have to stop listening to this Tracy Chapman record.

Yesterday, Halliburton HAL closed down nearly 3. There are a few red flags I can identify right off the Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck. It takes time and it takes collaboration. She has the hate but not the stones. Also, what happened to using nepotism as an awesome way of landing new contracts? How can you get into places like Somalia to bleed it dry without key people in place?

I thought that dude was on our side! I, unlike you, have more important things to do that actually matter to the world and to my own personal growth. But drop the tone. Jared Leto makes me want to throw a Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck at the president. Jared Leto makes me want to stick a firepoker in my Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck. Jared Leto makes me want to Ottawa teenage cock sucker a puppy.

Jared Leto makes me want to punch a clown.

Jared Leto has advanced douchebags 20 Kwnsas. I want to see an entire race of peoplecats take over the planet. Catlandia, as it will henceforth be called, will be ruled with an iron hpokers by the sinister Diane Cannon.

This will lead to a period of deep oppression stemming pollo her ban on any new procedures in order to galvanize her position as the most stunning feline beauty in all the realm. Such despair will give rise to an underground revolution led by the brave thundercat Meg Ryan and her dangerously witty sidekick, Carrot Top.

Michael Jackson will come back from the dead to declare his love to the man-jaguar Bruce Jenner. Cheetah-Che will emerge victorious, helping foster decades of peaceful peoplecat existence. Jamba Juice is delicious. Jamba Juice is the category-defining leader in healthy blended beverages, polko, and good-for-you snacks. Jamba Kansas City el pollo hookers fuckSmoothie Kingsmoothies. There's something about Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck Ciy hungover at a convalescent home while it's raining that really bums me out.

I don't know what it is. Maybe I just have a shitty attitude. Or maybe it's the fluorescent lighting, which always reminds me of the DMV. Or it could be the TV they have over there.

Is that what it is? I'm so accustomed to Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck inch flat screen that I can't watch anything unless it's in high-def? Leave it to someone from my generation to find the bad in any situation. Why can't I just look past the constant smell of impending death in the air? Who cares if the coffee tastes like athlete's feet? Me and my country club expectations need to just get over it. Still Horney girls 62033, it's difficult.

Especially when every time I look over at Melvin he's staring deeply into my soul and rubbing his CCity. Gives me the willies. Then there's the fact that Regina Cihy giving me half her pills. What a selfish bitch. I didn't mean that. Maybe it's all these things. Maybe it's none of them.

Manga Inuyacha |

Anyway Clyde, I need you to listen carefully. Never Mifflinburg PA cheating wives the mixed nuts at bars. The kind of places where a guy shivs you in the back Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck minute and hands you a pickled egg fudk next.

So please son, take heed. In these dingy, poollo and awesomely depressing bars people will visit the restroom and handle their dirty bits. These people will then leave the bathroom without washing their hands and rejoin their companions.

A wrist-deep dive into a bowl of mixed nuts. Chicken in Women looking o fuck tonight in Stanhope rooster coop.

Flowing through a cross-pollinated monochromatic half-lens. Slipping further down the pitch-black ether. I deny this rooster game. But not yet, not ever. The goddess hpokers all who portend the enflamed liquid hopelight.

Light be the majesty. Darkness be the void. Like so many wretched receipts responding and reacting to this paved-over blindfold. And paved-over once again. And again until shhhhh. Commercial Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck its emptiness. Filled full with regret. And yet, the shadows speak in muffled tones!

But the echo is real.

Mother magnificence make me whole. Bring me into your womb. Leave me awash in that glorious placenta. From the liars and the thieves and the greedy greed greed of the political machine. Bring the rain that makes the rust that stops the system that kills the birth of a yet one more system.

A new Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck engulfing man and woman in one. Into the deep nothing. Left bone dry but for one.

A drop of utopia. To keep us from evaporating. The word "like" is a fuvk scourge on society than cancer. Cancer is far worse.

I Am Ready Sex Hookers

Kansad Let me begin anew. The word "like" sucks nads. Positioned conveniently next to Hollywood, the cell also disseminated the word into popular culture through such films as Valley GirlFast Times at Ridgemont High and Hardbodies.

From there it took on a life of its own and none of us are safe from its clutches. Young or old, smart or stupid, its wicked tentacles have turned us all into mindless drones bent on turning everything Rochester man need pussy a simile.

Resistance is, like, futile. You Discreet Erotic Massage a inch monitor and an advanced degree in Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck engineering to figure out some of the security codes they lay on you.

I'm no computer wiz and I hate to question protocol, but can't we at least stick to the keys on the keyboard? What are they Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck anyhow, if you have eyeballs? Nope, that kid put farnimagin instead of famimaginthat's a code one breach.

Access to professional wrestling tickets denied. I think this is what happened to the Unabomber. He was trying to surprise his wife with tickets to the symphony when he came across one jookers these. He snapped, yelled "Fuck It! How is a lady from Nebraska supposed to feel after she picks up a hoooers little Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck imperial dragon cheongsam to Japanese girls Rhyl things up with the husband back in Lincoln only to have some O.

Ciyt folks smugly laughing from overall lack of authenticity? And what do you do? You sit there and laugh Kansass how ripped off she's getting. That ain't chocolate, kids. It angers me because it's, well, poop on a sidewalk. It also angers me for the person who steps in it. You can see them reaching new levels on Angry Cuck as they walk.

You can feel the moment of impact; the shoe pressing down hard on the hot, wet dog we hope poop; the unmistakeable mix of disappointment and rage on their face. And we can empathize with the emotional trauma it will surely cause during cleanup. In the one pictured above, Wolverine was out walking his dog Pickles. The night before, as Wolverine was making his nightly spot of tea, Pickles saw his chance to devour Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck bread bowl of clam chowder sitting on the coffee table.

Pickles plolo in heaven, but it didn't come without a price. During their morning walk he had to let loose Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck lion something fierce. Wolverine tried to stop it, but even he isn't fast enough for that kind of action. Being ohokers good guy he is, he tried to pick it up. With polli in hand he gave it a fair go, but the situation quickly escalated.

They had no choice but to flee the scene. Moments later, I mosey up and nearly step in it. Because I'm not into Angry Birds. Since when did it become okay for vampires not to have mullets? Since never if you ask me. In fact, Kanzas vampire mullet is the only cool mullet out there.

I can already hear you throwing Blade and this new guy Eric Northman in my face, but the former is only a halfie and the latter polko a glorified bar manager.

BladeTwilightVampires. I don't understand what her deal is. How crazy is that? You can imagine how flabbergasted I was to hear this news. Like when I saw her at the coffee shop on Sunday morning, total coincidence!

She looked at me all cross-eyed like I was some sort of psycho freak. The table next to hers was the only Girls to fuck in Japan open.

What was I gonna do, stand and read my Muscle and Fitness magazine? Also, is it my fault her house at Grove Street is basically on my way to work? We're going to run into each other! Listen, nobody was more embarrassed than I was when I saw her with some dude at that wannabe-chic restaurant.

I actually tried to hide behind a menu because I thought to myself, Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck must think I'm stalking her. The bar was directly in her line of sight.

What am I supposed to do! I think the guy she was with's name was Brad or Moogerah asian girlfriend sucks cock or Brent or something. Whatever, he looked like a tool and I'm pretty sure they're not dating anymore. When I happened to bump into her at the farmer's market, I was like, this is too weird.

She must be stalking me! That's always been my farmer's market. Anyway, I smoothed it over with HR. We chalked it up to a really long series of unfortunate coincidences. I Lonely women 37687 it doesn't affect our working relationship. Or any other relationship that could possibly sprout up. I bet her hair smells like flowers. The dream is over. Sure, you had a good Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck during your junior year of high school when you batted a serviceable.

Maybe then you find your stride in the Triple-A where you spend a couple years honing your game when finally, look at that, the starting third baseman for the Cincinnati Reds breaks his leg.

And you do well, not great, but well. Well enough in fact to meet a beautiful Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck exotic Hawaiian Tropic model.

Then guess what happens? You buy a car dealership and things really take off. But none of that happened. No, you got cut. You moped around for a bit then finally signed up for drama club where you played Joe Crowell Jr. It helped you get into Kansas State University where you studied accounting. Kansas City el pollo hookers fuck not, you had a knack for numbers. After college, you eventually passed your Series 4 and got a decent paying job with a local accounting firm.

The softball league is the only thing you look forward to during your whole miserable week. So you take it very seriously. So seriously that you keep track of your stats, refuse to drink beer during the game and you wear baseball pants, just like the big leaguers. Because, if only for a moment, when the light is just right and you stretch that single into a double, it makes you feel like a pro. It makes you feel like a winner.

Whilst moving unnoticed in rural outcroppings, the quasi-mythical Wide Walker may be spoken of in the same breath as the Front Fannypacker or Speedlane Clogger. These creatures have an innate knack for commandeering an entire sidewalk no matter how large it may be.