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Latino adolescents, Ltaino increasingly larger proportion of youth in the US, are at special risk for mental health problems, including depression and suicidal ideation.

Little is known about the meaning of mental health stressors for Latino adolescents and their parents.

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Eight focus groups Latino looking for love no age issues conducted with 53 Latino participants, two per sub-group boys, girls, mothers, fathers.

Three categories of mental health stressors included issuez, immigration, and familial disconnection. Latinos are the largest ethnic group in the US, and adolescents comprise a large proportion of the Latino population Guzman, Diverse and heterogeneous, the Latino population is comprised of U.

Similar to other ethnic minority communities, the Latino population experiences disparities in isskes outcomes that are attributable to complex social, physical, and economic factors Alegria et al.

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According to the World Health Organization WHO,depression will be the leading cause of disability for all age groups by Depression is a risk factor for suicide, the third leading cause of death in adolescents CDC, ; Fassler, Latino youth are the least likely Latino looking for love no age issues adolescents to receive mental health services RAND, ; when services are sought, they are more likely to be seen by a primary care provider than a specialist DHHS, Existing mental health services may not be reaching Latino adolescents despite evidence of need.

Numerous factors contribute to the increased risk of mental health problems in Latino youth.

Many Latino youth, however, experience additional stressors. This protective effect dissipates with increased time in the US and establishment of peer relationships and friendships that may contribute to riskier behaviors. Latino families do not typically immigrate as one unit.

It is common for members of the family to arrive in the US in a separated, staggered manner. Some adolescents rejoin parents they have been separated from for months or even years.

This reunification Latino looking for love no age issues a developmental period in which independence is sought may increase conflict with parents Schapiro, Further, some adolescents may resent being left in their home lovw while parents may presume that their adolescent children understand and accept the sacrifices being made.

Upon arrival, immigrant Latino families experience stressors related both to adaptation to life in the US and to the developmental changes associated with adolescence. Latino adolescent depression has been Latino looking for love no age issues to be linked to increased family acculturation, in that higher rates of depression are found in youth residing in more acculturated families.

Families may experience differential acculturation rates fot youth gain English language skills ror cultural understanding more rapidly than their parents do. This phenomenon shifts the power differential from parent to adolescent, for example, when parents rely on their children to translate in various situations.

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This acculturation gap may lead to family stress, a decrease in effective parenting, and an increase in risky behaviors, such as substance use, that are linked to poor mental health Martinez, Immigration may be a Married wife want sex Orlando Florida contributing to the risk of Latino youth developing mental health problems.

How recently youth have immigrated contributes to stressors related to language barriers, acculturation processes, isseus familial separation or reunification Brindis et al.

Some adolescents leave a protective, secure, predictable network Latino looking for love no age issues family and Latino looking for love no age issues in their country of origin and arrive in the US to live with relatives with whom they may not even know. This is especially stressful when they suddenly have very limited contact with whoever raised them in their country of origin because their parents immigrated to the US months or years before sending for their children.

If immigration status is undocumented, the adolescents do not have the option to go home to visit their family in their country of origin. Environmental stressors include geographic and neighborhood risks Guarnaccia et al.

Hispanic or Latino? Why their identity is so complicated - CNN

Forced to find affordable housing, Latino adolescents may reside in overcrowded, inadequate apartments, sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities with other families. Their families may feel powerless to address landlord problems e.

Perceptions influence health-seeking lov as well as feelings of self-efficacy. Ltino and Saewyc conducted a focused ethnography to describe the health perceptions of recently immigrated Mexican-origin adolescents, and mental health was a recurring theme.

Neither research group obtained the perspectives of Latino parents. The limited participation of Latino youth in these studies minimizes Latino looking for love no age issues of findings in the Latino community. These perspectives will help to identify stressors that are salient to this population and critical points of intervention to positively influence the mental health trajectory of Latino teens.

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An adaptation of a model developed by Pantin et al. The model portrays an adolescent in the center of overlapping concentric circles with the innermost circles representing direct or Lafino Latino looking for love no age issues influences such as family and peers, and outermost circles representing indirect or macrosystem level influences such as immigration policy or societal values. According to Pantin et al.

The risk and protective factors present in each subsystem affect the Latino adolescent resulting in attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors that can be understood within the broader complexity of the eco-developmental perspective.

The framework was used to guide and organize data analysis and interpretation. The findings specific to stressors are the focus of this paper.

Focus groups are useful for gaining the perspectives of individuals who may share Lady wants sex AL Birmingham 35205 experiences. A core group of community-university collaborators including representatives from the University, the local public health agency, high schools, and health and social service agencies, isuses been meeting Latino looking for love no age issues to bridge research and practice initiatives addressing Latino youth health issues.

Conversations in these meetings highlighted priority health areas that community colleagues were struggling with in their work with Latino youth.

Mental health and Latino looking for love no age issues were high priorities to examine so that effective interventions could be developed. The research team identified all study recruitment sites.

Each site had a community co-investigator contributing to the study processes and decision-making. All study sites targeted their services to the Latino community. Eight focus groups were conducted, two isshes of mothers, fathers, girls, and boys.

Parent eligibility criteria were: Adolescent eligibility criteria were: Twenty-one year olds were included because Latino youth are not necessarily in age-appropriate grade levels, and some 12 th grade participants were older than Fifty-three Latino adolescents and parents each participated in the focus groups.

The adolescent participants were not children of the parent participants, nor were the mothers and fathers spousal dyads. Table 1 provides a summary of the participant demographics by focus group.

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Forr study was approved by the Institutional Review Board of the University of Minnesota and all equivalent site mechanisms prior to commencing recruitment activities. Study community co-investigators actively participated Latino looking for love no age issues recruitment within their respective settings and, along with the first author, contributed to coordinating focus group logistics. Lewiston casual encounters assent or consent was obtained from all interested adolescents.

Parental consent was also obtained for those under 18 years of age. Adolescent participants were recruited from two settings: Parents were from two distinct settings as well: The PI and community co-investigators have conducted research for the past 6 years, which facilitated effective and efficient recruitment. Experienced bilingual focus Latino looking for love no age issues moderators and note-takers were contracted from HACER, a non-profit research agency specializing in conducting focus group research within the Latino community.

Four staff from HACER were involved and, in pairs, moderated and took notes for each of the focus groups.

Many people use Hispanic and Latino as interchangeable words. They’re not. While there is a huge overlap between the two, they don’t mean the same thing and cannot be used as if they do. This is an easy mistake to make, and I do it myself every once in a while (often from laziness), but it’s. Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age [Juana Bordas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the world becomes flatter and globalization creates a world village, it is imperative that leaders have the cultural flexibility and adaptability to inspire and guide people from very distinct backgrounds that represents the whole rainbow of humanity. 15 Afro-Latino Movies You Should Stream for Black History Month.

HACER iissues compensated for their staff time. Each focus group was conducted in Spanish, and group sizes ranged from 4 to 8 participants.

Each focus group lasted 2 hours, including time at the beginning for refreshments and completion of a demographic questionnaire and time after the discussion to distribute gift cards.

Recorded discussions ranged from 60 to 75 minutes. Questions were developed collaboratively to ascertain the perceptions of Latino adolescents and parents regarding mental health as well as barriers and facilitators to accessing services that could help a struggling Latino youth. The questions were the same for all sub-groups, and probing questions were developed to further data collection as needed.

Because mental health can be a difficult topic to discuss, it was important that questions were asked in a non-judgmental manner. Some questions used were: A demographic form seeking basic descriptive information was completed Latino looking for love no age issues to beginning the discussion.

Indicators of language preferences were collected using two items assessing language, reading, and speaking-with-friends preferences.

Following the discussion of the focus group questions, and as appropriate right after each question, the facilitator summarized what had been shared and sought additions or clarifications from the participants.

A note-taker documented the discussion, including observations of non-verbal behavior. Following completion of each focus group, Latino looking for love no age issues facilitator and note-taker debriefed each other about how the group went and documented any particular challenges or issues. This Bday weekend looking something new was especially useful in the earlier groups because it resulted in re-ordering of some questions to facilitate smoother dialogue.

Audio-recorded focus group conversations were listened Attractive seeking intelligent conversationalist multiple times and compared against the transcribed English text.

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The verbatim Spanish was transcribed only when it was needed to clarify the choice of English wording. There were a few times when a Spanish word or phrase lacked an immediate English translation, most often Latino looking for love no age issues it was particular slang unique to a ,ove American country.

An example was trust for the original Spanish word confianza. Although not a perfect translation, the research team concurred that trust was indeed the intended feeling when confianza was used.

In another case, the term chavala was used.

As clarified by Bi chill looking for play, in one country, Latino looking for love no age issues meant friend but in another it was slang for girl. The English transcripts were read by the PI and occasional transcription spelling errors were corrected. Grammar and word choice of the participants were left intact. Various approaches exist to accomplish this.

We used a technique Krueger outlined that includes two coding phases and categorization of codes. The first coding phase involved broad descriptive coding of text for each focus group. As new ideas were identified in subsequent transcripts, new codes were assigned. The second coding phase involved returning to coded text to add codes with greater specificity. Prior to the PI coding research team members independently read the transcripts and met to discuss the ideas and thoughts that were in the data.

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The team discussed key points observed within and qge the sub-groups i. Following these meetings, the PI coded the data, using Atlas. Regular communication among the research team members ensured consensus regarding selected codes and categories. When the results had been summarized, four Latino parent mother, father and adolescent girl, boy participants were asked to provide feedback.