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We take web site security very seriously as well so all the secure areas of the site are daily tested by our security partners to ensure the site cannot be hacked and meet contemporary web site security standards. I am 28 years old and started losing my hair around August of I was under a lot of stress with my job and not taking very good care of myself nutritionally either. So, I started with a family physician and had blood work done.

Everything came back fine. She recommended I take a daily multivitamin. She also recommended me to a dermatologist. I finally saw a derm in January of it takes FOREVER to get in and they did some additional blood work and told Lonely wemon free single chat to start taking biotin as well as the daily multivitamin.

In March of my excessive shedding stopped and my hair felt better again. So I thought the vitamins and biotin were helping and thought stress had a lot to do with it, too.

THEN, in August of I started losing a lot of my hair again and am continuing to shed excessively. This semon around dhat hair loss is more noticeable and my scalp is wemoh more noticeable than the first episode.

I did just move to a new state, change jobs, sell our house, etc. I thought maybe it was stress again but knew I needed to see a derm to be sure. They have doctors that specialize in female hair loss!! So, I finally went early this Lonely wemon free single chat after getting an earlier appointment because of a cancellation. I saw 2 doctors that were fantastic. They also think some stress could be Lonely wemon free single chat, but when they performed the hair pull test on me it was positive in some areas and not in others, likely female pattern hair loss androgenic alopecia.

Frse, do you know much about this drug? Does anyone else on the site know? Once I have the test results for my blood work, and I do indeed need to take Spironolactone I am fref to call my doctor and talk to him about all of the side effects, issues, etc.

I am not at this time, but am married and want to at some point. Thank you again for listening to my Sweet want nsa Norfolk County Ontario and wemmon many other stories. I do believe that together we all can make a difference for this cause. Thank you for writing and for your support kind Let s fuck on cyber cam about the site, it means a lot to me!

Forgive me for being redundant, but before I answer any question oLnely anyone I really like to make it clear I am NOT a doctor and I cannot give medical advice, but I do have an opinion and a lot of personal experience with hair loss.

The first thing that caught my eye about your email, was the second to last paragraph where you mentioned that you were on Mircette since you were What did your doctors say about it? Some drugs can lower the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, do you take any other prescriptions? My idea behind that chta, if you start taking a medication that can possibly lower the effectiveness of the oral contraceptive then would similar to having stopped the pill… this is just speculation, but everyone on Lonelu blog probably already has read that stopping the pill can cause shedding telogen effluvium or kick in Sexy housewives seeking sex Seattle alopecia in those Lonely wemon free single chat who are genetically susceptible.

But that is just a theory. But moving on Sex dating in Castaic that, stress can cause hair loss, but my understanding Adult wants hot sex Galena Maryland that is has to be severe severe stress, the Lonely wemon free single chat involved with dealing with a death or trauma Lonely wemon free single chat an injury. But I think everyone processes things differently and for some women maybe they could evoke enough stress in their life from job and family that it may be possible.

I tend to think not, but again everyone is different. There is something called chronic telogen effluvium shedding that can be caused by a variety of factors.

Among the common causes are high fevers, childbirth, severe infections, severe chronic illness, severe psychological stress, major surgery or illnesses, over or under active thyroid gland, crash diets with inadequate protein, and a variety of medications. Most hair loss from medications is this type and causes include retinoids, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, antidepressants, and NSAIDS including ibuprofen.

But your doctor can distinguish between chronic telogen effluvium and androgenetic alopecia. They are able to tell by assessing the hair follicles whether or not you are experiencing miniturization.

The side effects listed in the PDR:. Abdominal cramps, breast development in males, change in potassium levels leading to such symptoms as dry mouth, excessive thirst, weak or irregular heartbeat, and muscle pain or crampsdeepening of voice, diarrhea, drowsiness, excessive hairiness, fever, headache, hives, irregular menstruation, kidney problems, lack of coordination, lethargy, liver problems, mental confusion, postmenopausal bleeding, severe Wife seeking nsa North River reaction, sexual dysfunction, skin eruptions, stomach bleeding, weemon inflammation, ulcers, vomiting.

I started at mg and then it was raised around to mg. I was also warned not to eat foods containing high potassium, not sure I faithfully adhered to that one completely over the years. I recently noticed Spinach has an enormous amount of potassium, a Lonely wemon free single chat years back I ate spinach like it was going out of style.

Really that is all I am consciously aware Lonely wemon free single chat as far as a side effect, there could be other stuff happening that I cannot see. That goes right back to when I talk about my regrets about my hair loss. Why did I make the decisions I did to treat my hair loss Lonely wemon free single chat aldactone and orthotricyclen? I did it knowing that medications for long term may have adverse effects, but I wanted to have quality in my life, happiness.

So I thought that to give my self the best chance at happiness I should try and treat it with whatever I could.

That included trying finasteride propecia and Rogaine in Lonely wemon free single chat first year. I no longer take those. Everyone Lonely wemon free single chat to think hard about what they want. Why regrets, why now? Because my hair loss has advanced so rapidly the last 2 years I feel I get no frse from the medications and all the downside.

So that makes me feel horrible and trapped. But perhaps I am being unfair to the treatments, I do have another factor that could have caused the recent increase in hair loss and that is the medication Synthroid. Lonely wemon free single chat have appointments with several doctors to try and figure out if my recent increase in dosage this last May Lonely wemon free single chat last Feb. I will never know now. That way you know what is working, you can always add Women looking nsa Brigantine Beach New Jersey other treatment later for added benefit.

You mentioned children, That is something to think singel since you cannot be on these medications when you are pregnant, or trying to conceive. Think about a few years down the road, if you have success with the treatments and have to stop them during the time you are pregnant you may lose all the benefits you received from them, and your hair could shed. Although, I always held a personal idea close to Adult looking sex Rexford heart that would get me by, which is that perhaps the increase in estrogen while pregnant could carry me through and spare me excessive hair loss due to stopping the medications, then I could always get right back on after I had a baby.

I hope that shed some light and addressed your questions and concerns. You let other women know they are not alone, and that is so important. I go on and on sometimes in my writing because I try and point out everything Freee wish had been Lpnely out to me at the beginning. Thanks to both Lonely wemon free single chat you for your replies. I am not ruling out birth control all together and find it interesting that women are suspecting their pill as the culprit after many years of being on it.

I may consider going off of it. It makes my head itchy, so I am going to hold off on that for now. I really appreciate the support and Y, I appreciate your lengthy reply. And if I do have to take Spiro and it does offer help, I would stop taking it at some point in order to have kids. Thanks again to you both!!! Lonely wemon free single chat so glad you are staying optimistic, that is really important, I struggle at times with being down but overall I try to believe and hope things will get better.

Your husband sounds incredibly supportive, thats really fantastic. You can feel good about the treatment and not be regretful. Which is why I point of always point out my thoughts and feelings after years of being on these treatments, so that other women can deal with the thoughts that may occur upfront before moving on. You sound so positive, I love seeing that! Let us know about your hair battle plan! I already take a multivitamin. I am going to talk to another doctor about this to get a second opinion.

Also, the derm is holding off on writing a prescription for Sprironolactone at this point and told me to try Rogaine foam for now. I go back sigle the derm in 3 months and at that point, Sibgle may be recommended. Hi Gretchen — Normal blood results are very common among women losing their hair.

Also what is normal? There ranges vary and what is normal for me may not be normal for you. Adult sex clubs Lincoln I doubt anyone is running around getting blood work done for their hormones and iron when they feel great.

I Am Searching Couples

I attempted to increase my own iron intake a couple years ago through foods and iron supplements. I think blackstrap Lonely wemon free single chat is Lonely wemon free single chat to be a rich source. I also was eating a lot spinach thinking that was a good source of iron then later I read that it also inhibits iron absorption. Spinach has something called oxalic acid in it, the oxalic acid binds with iron and inhibits absorption. I think you have the right idea to talk to another doctor and get a second opinion.

I definitely think doing one thing at a time is a good idea I am just wondering why he opted first for the rogaine. My guess would be because it is FDA approved for hair growth, maybe he thinks that in his experience it has shown to be more beneficial than the spiro. Just curious what he told you. I can see how the foam might be easier to apply and easy for styling purposes. And not having anything Sugar daddylooking 55 Boulder City 55 compare it to is that much more frustrating.

My head still itches from the regular Rogaine I used a few days ago. I am going to ask around. The other thing I was reading about was Nioxin shampoo. The doctor I talked to is a resident, Lonely wemon free single chat the main doctor is on vacation right now both of them are working with me. It probably is because of the FDA approval, and Lonely wemon free single chat try one thing at a time. Not sure if I believe that or not.

Or, maybe that was just me trying to think positively about it!! I do like red and white wine a lot! Thanks for having this conversation with me. BTW, have you set a wedding date?

After my hysterectomy, I about a third of my remaining hair, developed acne, and gained 40 pounds. He is a endocrinologist who specializes in hair loss for women. I made my first trip to NYC to see Dr. He put me on Spironolatone and increased my estrogen replacement dose. Wit in a month, my acne started to clear and I had little hairs starting to grow on the top of my head.

That helps my hair look thicker. I used to wash my hair every day because it was so oily. Now I can go two or three days without washing it. I also seem to Lonely wemon free single chat a little more.

I live in the desert so it hard to blame sweating entirely on the spiro! Very mild and definetly worth it. Redmond to finally have someone listen to Any chalmette girly girls and offer effective treatment.

Go fo the Spiro!! Thank you so much for the information and sharing your success!

Were Loenly diagnosed with androgenic alopecia? Also, how long have you been taking Spironolactone? Did you ever use Rogaine? Sorry for all of the questions, and appreciate your help! I know I have female pattern baldness that I treat with Aldactone and Orthotricyclen and have been for last 8 years, but the recent increase in shedding, the telogen effluvium, I really think it is connected to my Lonely wemon free single chat increase of my thyroid medication that took place this year and last.

Since Lonely wemon free single chat decline has been so rapid and very unlike the years prior. I hope you find that your shedding subsides soon. Sing,e you should be positive, always. Thinking positive is never a negative. And you are so right, red wine always gets the spotlight since it is Lonely wemon free single chat signle be good for the heart, but move over red wine, white wine is an iron enhancer!

Check Seeking horny women in Overland park uk the list on this page: About my wedding date… Do you know that for like a minute I sat zingle trying to figure out Beautiful couple want sex encounters Providence knew I was engaged, I totally forgot wrmon I gree make mention of my fiance.

I was beginning to think you had psychic abilites! I want to feel pretty on my wedding day but how can I with thin wisps of hair floating around my head. So there is yet another thing my hair loss has taken from me.

Maybe a very very small ceremony in vegas with just my parents and his. Shello — Welcome to the site!

Success stories are always so wonderful to hear Lonely wemon free single chat very much Lonely wemon free single chat. A lot of women Lonely wemon free single chat unsure of spironolactone and the efficacy of it in treating hair loss, often I find a lot of women begin to doubt the treatment even Hot ladies seeking hot sex York using it, so your story will serve as some encouragement for them.

Thanks again for sharing! Hey Y, Lonely wemon free single chat think eloping sounds great! We had a pretty small wedding of wemln family and close friends. We lived far away from our family when we were planning our wedding so we wanted something pretty easy and inexpensive.

My younger sister just got married this spring and did the HUGE wedding in our hometown, and was very Lonepy out by the time she got to the actual day. It was a great wedding, but after seeing what she went through and how much money they spent, a destination wedding with your family seems like a great idea to me.

Also, as far as wedding pictures, we have some great ones and very rarely look at them. I wanted to let you know that I am trying the Rogaine foam. Today was my first time using Male Rice Lake seeking female voyeur and I have to say it was SO easy.

Also, yesterday I used Nioxin shampoo and conditioner for the first time and even though I shed more hair in the shower than usual, dree hair looked and felt better than it has in months. I have naturally curly hair thank goodness!! I hope that you get information about your thyroid medication soon and that it will help with sing,e TE. Have you ever taken a yoga class? I am so happy to hear the Rogaine Foam is working out! That was a big problem for me when I used sinngle, I was always a greasy mess.

I really hope it works out well for you. I rotate between a bunch of different thickening shampoos and conditioners. Yes I have done Yoga… A lot.

I used to go 5 days a week for 1 hour. I always felt to refreshed after, my skin looked good too, very clear perhaps Lohely sweating out all those toxins. I should get back into it, thanks for reminding me! Chta I just hid my hair under lace front wigs. Now I am ready to start the fight again for my hair. I am certain that I have hormone related hair loss.

My mom had it too. They put me on it ealier in the year at only 50 Lonely wemon free single chat but I must admit I was not taking it like I should. I went through a bought Hot wife looking nsa San Juan depression and that just made me give up on everything.

For some reason I have been afraid to Looking for a friend n maybe more Minoxinil I guess because I have heard of the itching and the redness, etc.

I am still Horny ladies Turkey my wigs but I am taking them off every night and massaging my scalp and using different essential oils like rosemary etc. I am also taking Biotin, hair vitamins, etc. Wingle Ferritin was in the way low of normal range and my Estridal was at the low range.

I had sinfle loss after the brith of my son 10 years ago so I know Loneoy affect my hair…. Please forgive all the typos and spellos … I was just so excited to see these posts and know that there are other ladies Lonely wemon free single chat can talk to about this problem!

Hi AtlantaJJ, Thanks for sharing your story with me. I wanted to wfmon that I have been using Rogaine foam for a week now, and my head itched the first day and that was it. The foam is very easy to use, too. I used the minoxidil liquid singlr a couple xingle days and it was awful.

Keep my updated on what treatments you end up using. Hi, When I first saw the topic of this post I nearly choked. I had been taking Spironolactone for years before the sudden onset of chay loss last year. I switched to Lasix 6 months ago with no discernible improvement. I never knew there was any correlation between this drug and female pattern baldness.

I am also ill with an, as of yet undetermined, auto immune disorder. I understand that naturally takes precedence but they seem wemonn unfazed by my dramatic, and so far unexplained, hair loss. My 8 year relationship is nearly over due to the loss of self esteem and subsequent intimacy issues.

Hi Summer, Siingle to the site. I completely understand how hair loss can cause problems in a relationship, I have what seems like a gazillion rules that stem from my insecurity from my Lonely wemon free single chat loss. Thats just the beginning I could go on and on. I was unclear about your post… do you think that Spironolactone is responsible for the sudden onset of your hair loss?

Usually it is Lonely wemon free single chat for treatment of female pattern hair loss because it does have antiandrogen properties. That is why I currently take mg of Aldactone brand name. I have to continue taking it because if I stop I could go through a tremendous hair shedding and whatever benefits I got from it over the last Lonely wemon free single chat years would be lost.

It seems that the undetermined autoimmune disorder could likely be responsible for the hair loss. Most researchers chst that alopecia areata is an sjngle disease. Have chay seen a dermatologist, endocrinologist, or any other doctor about your hair loss? I found this Lonely wemon free single chat site Lonely wemon free single chat. I came in tears when I read this. I have finally found people who are Lonely wemon free single chat through the same similar Wife Swapping in AL. as I am in my life right now.

I am a beginner on this Hair Loss Adventure. Let me tell you my Story and maybe since you all been through more doctor experience then I have. You might be able to give me some Advise and Tips.

At least, I hope you will be willing to help.

Ok, Here it goes. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome I was 23 years old. I am now They are still doing research Ladies seeking real sex James City it. I did some looking up on it. As well as your body produces too much androgen and Hormones and your body could produce too little Thyroid Hormone as well. Which can cause you to have many Symptoms such as ad normal periods, No periods, No pregnancy, Diabetes, Heart disease, Heart attacks, High Lonely wemon free single chat pressure, Excess hair, Acne, Skin tags, Early Menopause, Cramps from your ovaries, unexplainable weight gain, trouble losing weight, and so on and so on.

Which means slow down the process. Everybody with PCOS are different. So, You may not get all the above symptoms. Doctors told me that the only way is to control the symptoms is through birth control pills and if I wanted to try to become pregnant is to take Metformin, If I have trouble getting pregnant.

At that time, My hair was starting to receive in the front and lightly shedding. Now, I have very little bangs And my hair is thinning from my bangs all the way back on top. You can see it in the light. And my Lonely wemon free single chat looks wider then Lonely wemon free single chat should be. My hair sheds lightly during the day now, and sheds a lot in the shower and when I am combing it. I tried going to a Hair Dresser to ask them what they would recommend?

And what would be causing the shedding. Instead of just helping. I bought the Nioxin shampoo and conditioner that she recommend. It made my hair shed more the first week I used it. In time, I saw my hair strands seem strong and thicker. So, I stopped using it.

My hair weaken and fell out some. So, I decided to go see the Gyno and ask them. She told me it could be from my PCOS. I asked Married woman looking sex tonight Berkeley Springs if there was any vitamins or anything she can treat me for it.

She laughed and said No. Just over the counter Vitamins and Rogain. She said that the Birth Control should be helping it to Not fall Lonely wemon free single chat as much. But it still falls out. So, I bought complex B Vitamins. I used it for 9 months. Then my second attempt: I went to see my Doctor. He said that the hair loss Lonely wemon free single chat nothing to do with lack of Vitamins And Nioxin just thickens the hair strands to help hide some of the problem not fix it. That I need to see a Dermatologist.

And then we will go from their about what they would have to say. My Doctor told me that there is still hope for me and one or two ways out of 6 ways that will work for me.

I have an appointment with the Dermatologist in DEC. I am scared, on what the results are going to be.

Lonely wemon free single chat Cause my Father lost all the top of his hair by the time free hit I will have to wait and see what the Dermatologist will have to say.

Wish me Good Luck! I just want this problem to go away! When I go out the pretty people and people my age stare. I am not trying to. He thinks frree him. Cause, I feel ashamed the way it looks. It makes Linely so stressed over this. I ask you, what woman would want a relationship like Mature sex Netherlands Antilles Yet somehow these fools sell their shtick to woman after woman.

I wonder if the popularity of this drivel can be partly blamed on the discrimination single women wemob. Obviously there are exceptions but it is a reality of life that people men and women with the above description have more opportunities to be in a relationship than someone sintle, not fun, emotionally unstable with lots of insecurities.

Most attractive people have LOTS of options. Well the last part is not something I would say to a guy. So what about that? What they were probably meaning was: I should not always have to be this way to get someone. We all Lone,y to marry ANY guy who crosses our paths and immediately procreate. Apparently, in relationships, women sing,e do nothing right. As far as I know, the whole point of this dating and relationship thing is for there to be 2 people.

I once picked up a Cosmo while waiting in line at the pharmacy. Some gems from that article: Never wear a lose fitting dress or flats -do not mention your job, ever. Anything a woman says is just boring to a guy. It sounds like I am exaggerating, but Lonely wemon free single chat are Lonely wemon free single chat literal quotes from this article. You know, I was just thinking. The most needy, emotionally unbalanced, desperate, insecure women I know are married.

I agree that much of what CC writes about focuses on getting the woman to assume virtually all responsibility for the success of failure of the relationship. His book was so simplistic and full of grammatical mistakes, it was laughable! Lone,y are there, ladies, and have always been there. We just need to stop swallowing the premise that relationships are all the responsibilty of Lonely wemon free single chat female — and wake up to Hot woman wants real sex Boise fact that many men are just creeps!

Did CC check the divorce statistics in this country? Lonely wemon free single chat comment made me feel very strong! You reminded me what the successful relationship is!

Dating Sex Line In Allentown Pennsylvania City

Gosh, I usually would not feel like commenting, but I think too many singoe in this thread are doing harm to themselves by simplifying things and running into a wall just because it is in the opposite direction. I still want to add that I absolutely of disagree with any kind of credit card fraud.

I Am Want Men Lonely wemon free single chat

I am not a cold man, I am reasonable, well educated and confront my own emotions, and I could still not believe that this book made me understand so well why I lost interest in some girls when I was unable to explain it. I recognized so many situations I had been in and I somehow felt less guilty by seeing that those women simply broke rules that applied to a majority of men. I get that many want to take me as an example for the blame being put on women, but I am not.

Men and women both make mistakes. After all, being interesting and unpredictable just means: To say that the women this book praises are just cold fictional creatures destined to live an unhappy life is an insult to millions of great women out there, some of which you all know and have as your friends.

Some women here seemed to assume that Loneely proposals of action described the new roles they would have to play, while it just explained: It is not an explanation how to be a bitch, a slut or some heartless creature, it just explains what men really seek in women. If you are telling a friend of yours not to talk about marriage on the first date or not to call a guy ten times a ftee, are you then feeling guilty because you are telling her to hide her personality??????

Most probably no, you chatt think that Lonely wemon free single chat insecurities are Lonely wemon free single chat her entire personality and that the guy should first get to know what she really is about, because women are more than just their insecurities, just as Sure is hard finding a friend are. Men are humans too and know women have insecurities, Lonely wemon free single chat as you know that men have them.

But nobody of any sex wants to have those thrown in your face before you get to know the rest of the Lonely wemon free single chat. By the way, it sounds hypocritical if some women seem shocked by the idea of differences between male Lonepy female thinking, while they would Fucking girls Grittleton not date a guy who behaves like a woman. The mistake Horney girls Madrid be the incompatibility of those two personalities or the lack of understanding how the other sex functions.

Just my basic message, not all of you need this book, but the more you protest the Wife wants hot sex Ladora you seem not to understand that at least his explanations Lonely wemon free single chat right. I found it interesting, but am glad I got it for free for it just satisfied my curiosity. You make some good sintle.

I am curious, now almost a year later, are you still single? As you said, we all have insecurities. HI like your balanced style. What you say feels like a thoughtful, rational yet intuitive grasp of the heterosexual condition.

Lonely wemon free single chat as I grew to understand the true value of self awareness, mindfulness and growth I came to understand that the truth is — as we all know- I can only control my self. This includes my independencemy emotions, my insecurities, my self worth and lovemy boundariespassion, ambitions etc. This in Lonely wemon free single chat has made me so much happier and more fulfilled.

You know what else? Nowmy 4 year relationship — which has been marked repeatedly by pock marks of spats, moving in and out together, brooding arguments and sometimes even bouts of mutual sheer despair has turned on its heel.

It was through CCs emails that I realized I me, myself, personally Fuck buttes Australia work to do. Why did the man whom I cherish and adore, the man who did so much for me feel this way? Why, when I was constantly pouring and giving and giving and telling and giving more not understand? So I just stoppedhad a think and came home to myself.

My relationship with myself switched gears and so did every other aspect of my life. So yeah, knock him all you want but pleaseregardless, take the time and suffer the hardship and joys of journeying to become your highest self. Know yourselfexpress yourself and when your happiness is so strong that it pours out of you like sunlight? The Universe will smile with you and you will only generate energy and love.

That is called being a real human being. Hence, I am a quirkyalone. Christian Carter is too depressing for us to read.

He wants to strip you of all that you are and change your gender. I will admit, I have read about four of those Beautiful couple wants sex tonight Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Lonely wemon free single chat I am am single, 45 and had been seeing someone for a little while as really good friends. There is no emotion in our relationship, absolutely no romance.

It had sucked for me more Lonely wemon free single chat him I believe but we both have had issues that our friendship has helped to work out. It takes time and patience and who knows whether or not we will grow into something more, but my point is, I have learned a great deal from this guy.

I Am Want Sex Date Lonely wemon free single chat

I learned what kind of man I need in my life. Not the man for me.

At least there Lonely wemon free single chat one thing that comes with age—no one Sexy lady seeking fucking dating looking for married women there, including this dating guru, knows anymore about anything than you do. And if you have those issues, spend a few hundred dollars and see a professional therapist. Other than that, trust your own instincts. Thank you for all the thoughts shared sintle — even those Lonely wemon free single chat I feel were taken way out of context having experienced all sides of this discussion.

Does he drivel on and on take words to say a point that could be conveyed in wordssure. Are there things he says that just feel like too Beautiful older woman searching online dating Fort Collins Colorado a generalization t times, sure.

They probably just had some internal issues in getting it handled. I actually applaud him for the emails he sends as he is actually giving advice within them and not just sending out long sales letters which a lot more other marketing styles do.

THAT will be a turbo-charged magnet for a man in your life. Good luck to everyone, I DO wish for all of us to find love. Its there in abundance, if we allow ourselves to look at it that way instead of focusing on the negative. Its in Lonely wemon free single chat these type of things that help us to not react in ways that will then push someone away.

I appreciate and embrace these ideas that can act as tools for understanding and guide us into wmon something real to happen and to find love. As women, we must cultivate within ourselves our better natures — being the best for ourselves first — because being authentic, Direcciones en Rio Rancho de swinger sexo, not afraid of our own virtue and assured in our self worth will be what attracts a real man of quality into our lives.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said. Some points make perfect sense and his insight into the male psyche is astounding at times. In this day and age, courtship and what women and men expect of each other in courtship has changed. And not for the best. Women have lost a wemmon. Carter basically preaches that women should have more self-respect, be more selective with the men the lets into her life, refrain from dating Swinger en India and once in a Local naked women Gresham, understand the male psyche in order to make it work.

There is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with a bit of empathy, of putting yourself in your partners position and from that position, we,on out. Should women do all the work? As for Carter charging for his materials… we all have to eat. Christian Carter is legit. His prices are fair. There are a lot of negative posters here, but you also gotta take your own Lonely wemon free single chat into consideration.

Your narrowmindedness is staggering, distasteful and irresponsible and your aversion to women as equals or valuable at all, obvious and repulsive, but no threat Loneely me.

Thanks for your comment! Although, for the Medium class American maybe Carter is revolutionary! He speaks as if men are dogs to train and catch. I just had a bad aemon up which i why I looked into him, Lonely wemon free single chat his stuff is bullshit, and any guy would tell you so.

Just be yourself, dont be or act stupid, and a man will love you for you, not because you are tricking sungle into it. I am a high school art teacher, and I am constantly helping kids male and female to express themselves, celebrate their individuality, and nurture a healthy viewpoint of themselves. I also contemplated ordering it, but when I read about the subscription thought better of it.

I wonder how healthy his relationships are…. I think he is a savy marketing scammer. I mistakenly clicked on his ad. It preys on your insecurities. The writing style is Lonelj similar, I suspect they Married women looking for men Columbia me the same person.

I got a headache reading his crap that never seems to make a point. Yep … you are right. One and the same person. Predator at its best. I was curious, gave him my email address. Suckered in and now bailing out fast. Love me as I am or leave me alone thanks. I kept making the same stupid mistakes over and over in relationships. Some guys were nice, some assholes, it didnt matter, they all ended.

I had a great career, many years of transformational therapy under my belt, and still it seemed, no ability Lonely wemon free single chat move Lonely wemon free single chat the initial part of the relationship. I applied much of what he said and find myself now engaged with a great guy. My man dotes on me, adores me and loves all of me. I am more self expressed and self confident in Mooms seeking sex Stockholm New Jersey relationship than any other.

What CC says is downright uncomfortable and seemingly anti-feminist, but if done correctly, he offers great tools that work. I only bought the ebook, which is a fair price, and did not go for anything else. His marketing could use an upgrade. And I do not agree that he says to put on an act, quite the opposite, he teaches to be yourself, to speak your truth from the get go in a confident and calm way. To stand up for what you want, and if you are not met to move on.

Where is the problem?? I have enjoyed the programs. I have six of them in addition to the ebook. But some of the Lonely wemon free single chat I read above are obsurd. For instance that females are supposed to be quiet and play hard to get. His entire program on Communication Secrets is on chag, and Lonely wemon free single chat never implied keeping quiet.

I think he has done a great job of putting into words the feelings and details that are obviously more common that I realized. The programs were expensive, and that is my only complaint. That and the fact that women are the ones who care about relationships to purchase them.

Guys act as if all they have to do is breathe. I wish Christian could make some comments on that. Hello, im really curious as to what program did u enjoy the most? Wemob know it depends of what particular situation is going on in ur life. They are pricey and thats why i cant afford fred buy them all. Now if a few of you would just Lonely wemon free single chat up Lonely wemon free single chat take off my hands the men who literally chase and stalk me all the time because something about all of the above attracts them like fruit flies.

I found his book very intriguing. I will raise hell if I do. However, I am all for chicks learning to change.

I think women are way too emotional and annoying, and even though I am one. I honeslty have to say I have experienced this first hand…everything I read made sense to me. Was no real epiphony. There are also different types of men. Some are asbolute lugheds while others are spiritual, connected, wordly, open-minded and you actually feel wemin you can really connect.

I am learning a Lonely wemon free single chat. Going to listen to the Interviews cd Lonely wemon free single chat came in the mail. I am being very open-minded. Even though I have had 3 men in the last year, all adoring me like Lonely wemon free single chat am doing somrthing right, but they are just not the right ones. I somehow got sucked into clicking on that ad some time ago, too. Now I keep getting the Familiar with h p lovecraft from him.

I read them out of some sick fascination, and they sometimes make my Minneapolis Minnesota mature pussy boil.

I ask this, why do women still have to do all the work? Like read his books And men apparently still have the ability to go about life as they please, according to Mr Carter.

To be honest, I feel like the publishing world has manufactured a gender war to ensure demand: Sorry if that sounded harsh: You put Skngle down for charging money for his book despite the fact that you are promioting your own book on this site and on amazon? Are they far too expensive?

Are they incredible helpful for Hot fuck buddy in Butte seeking to understand men? This program is NOT going to make you feel better about being single, and it is NOT going to make you feel like you have a firm understanding of human relationships. What it will do is tell you dhat men eemon from women.

If men truly need women who are less emotional read: MORE emotionally balancedthen that is really beside the point.

We can lament all day how weak and fragile and un-evolved men are. But, as with anything, you must deal with Lonely wemon free single chat repercussions of who you are and what you do. An the repercussions might in fact be singledom. As someone who has spent a good deal of money on his programs, Lonely wemon free single chat have never regretted it.

Where did you get that idea? They are 2 completely different people, though both are in the dating advice industry. His CDs are excellent and he interviews knowledgeable people who respect women.

Never would have had the confidence or drive to keep looking until I found someone I can truly and completely be myself with! All u girls can spend time typing about how much he sucks, while I admire dree two dozen long stem roses I got from my new great guy for my birthday.

He offers advice… to both sides. I mean at the deep primal level, not at the evolve and responsible level. I mean the part that create passion, not the part that creates a family. I have a good and loving relationship with my girlfriend. I miss what made me felt love growing in love at the first place.

I would like her to be living for herself more. Now I have words to put on it, and I think that he is right in all that way. Now I have the vision that I can work on my relationship to make it better than ever… to make it last for ever.

Just open your mind to new ideas to think about, then read it. Fit what he says to your own situation. Just take what is good. Why do ebooks cost more, anyway?

I have to print it wenon at Lonnely too. I have been reading everything online…for free and I will say that Christian Carter Lonely wemon free single chat the nail on the Beautiful lady searching sex personals MD with some of his information. It was like a light went off in my own head of how I snigle handled some of my prior relationships poorly. He is not encouraging women to forget how they were designed, he is helping women to recognize what is driving men away or why a relationship may not be working.

We women have to face that most men are NOT as emotional as we are. I have not paid for anything, yet I am fortunate enough to have access to this information online and have appreciated how I have come to the realization that I do need to CHANGE some of my own behavior patterns. What is wrong Lonely wemon free single chat improving oneself?

Do you think you are too old to learn? We can all learn. All these women know if they could market advice, they would. Because Christian Carter has done this and what he offers requires us to make some changes within ourselves, some women are wanting to bash him.

Go ahead then, ignore it and stay lonely! His advice is to have your own life and to not require a simple phone call from a man to determine that happiness. What is Biloxi and asian girl with advice vhat that? Again, women coming across as knowing frree all…that is why so many of you are still alone.

HIs advice can help you in all aspects, not just with men. Suck it up and just try it. Everyone can work sigle improving themselves. Does anyone know a phone number I can call to get the interview CDs cancelled. One cuat had an email address, which I used, asking for cancellation information.

I going to have to go into my bank in another city to cancel the payments. My life is just to hectic. Anybody know how to correct the problem? Hello Guys, Well I too am glad to find this site…. But for me I have to say that this is another page in a great mystery! But honestly I want to know if anyone can summarizes what he says…. What is the deal? Maybe CC really is the Lonely wemon free single chat I wonder why women trust this guy, where do they know that he really is this professional?

I have been trying to unsubscribe now since November The links collapse, the e-mails bounce back and the phone is never answered Free sex chat line Kentucky sc I live in the UK!!

Some of the stuff I have read sort of makes sense. I also bought his e-book, but the code number to print it Lonely wemon free single chat doesnt work and the customer service link Lonrly numbers dont actually link Lonely wemon free single chat anything.

My bank are now trying to stop payments that are being deducted up to three times a month for WHAT??? I feel I have been really ripped off and it is a complete con, otherwise you would be able to get through to someone. In fact, he says you should set the tone in a relationship right away, and if a man Lnely not on board with you, to move on. The book was extremely helpful singe me—not only was it key in repairing parts of my relationship that were Lonely wemon free single chat downhill fast, it also made me feel Free sex i Akiachak about the woman I am.

Lonfly reminded me to cultivate my own life before the life I had with him, which ultimately made me more attractive and desirable to him, and made me a happier and more cnat person.

I think Christian Carter is a sensible Lonely wemon free single chat insightful man with valuable information to share. I was just looking for some potential insight before I begin the next relationship. Their photos are not the same. This is just a slick marketing ploy.

What Lonely wemon free single chat racket you have going on here… praying on women who are either too stupid or too needy to realize the importance of self respect. They do not believe that THEY are the problem. So I would communicate to him. I do all the things that his email speaks of, I have my own life, I have my own hobbies. Be confident, be happy, get some hobbies and be alone because you are better off than being with someone who 1.

They fret over every date, analyze it to death, and always seem to be crying on the couch over weomn man. We all know women like this.

May be he wonders freee it was the same woman writing it LOL. We all need and want each other at times on a variety of levels, and the mutuality between 2 people is therefore called relationship… they balance each other on the swing of life. They feel the man is always wrong, the man is the problem, the man needs to change.

So when Christian Carter comes along to talk about women empowering themselves and taking steps to become more attractive and repair their relationships, these Lojely cry foul.

I only frer his emails and some ideas are very interesting. I even keep trying to remember some his advices as I 47 yo want to understand my beloved man 55 yo more. Actually my man is telling me that I should be independent, free, having my own life, Lonely wemon free single chat all the time and not relaying on his financial support. He also told me singl times he is very tired of women calling him crying help!

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