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So horned need some fun fit

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Something ongoing and respectful. Seeking for a female for. I am waiting for a girl who likes to go out to dinner, movies, bowling,star gazing, long walks, reading and of coarse, playing video games.

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This story is posted on the Literotica website.

Do not repost anywhere else without the author's consent. This one is a little bit different than my normal fare, as it's not really a cheating themed story.

This is a straight-up, classic, big-boobed Mom and studly son having hot, sweaty, naked sex type of story.

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If stuff like that isn't your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn't bother reading it. I do not condone any of these horhed in real life.

So horned need some fun fit

This is just a story. To be honest, I'm still processing it. It kinda happened out of nowhere.

It was just one of those sticky summer days, all things normal, then Now, it wasn't just sex. It Si making love or any of that bullshit.

No soft music, no roses or candles.

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None of that stuff. I swear, it was like one minute, things were normal between us, just a regular mom and son. And then the next minute, the clothes were coming off, and we were just going at it. And trust me, me and her went at it. Physical, lusty, nasty fucking!

Naked, thick, meaty young cock buried in tight, dripping, mature cunt.

A mom's tongue in her son's mouth. A mom's plump lips wrapped tightly around her son's thick shaft as she nedd it eagerly down her throat. A son's big hands squeezing his mom's absolutely enormous breasts. God, they were fucking big, and I got to feel every inch of their smooth, naked skin.

A mother and her son, two naked bodies, dripping with sweat, their heated skin sliding against each other as they savagely fucked. And it was fucking rough. It had screaming, moaning, and every fucking curse word in the book.

It ended with a son's large nuts coated with his own mother's sex juices, and a mother's tight, wet cunt filled to the brim with her nded thick cum.

It was the greatest sexual experience of both of their lives. But that was two days ago.

Most of the time, this is the point where the story ends. The sex had happened, the climax of the story. But the question for us was What comes after a mother and a son have sex? What do you do after that?

Can you back to normal? Did we want to?

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It was a lazy Saturday in the middle of summer. It was one of those sticky days where being outside for any extended time was just unbearable.

Looking Adult Dating So horned need some fun fit

Which was why I was doing my best to savor So horned need some fun fit air conditioning. I had hung out with some buddies earlier in the day, shooting some hoops before the heat became too unbearable. After that, we went and saw a movie. And now I was chilling in my house, sitting back in my room, playing a football game online on my PS4, kicking ass, naturally.

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The typical things a freshly So horned need some fun fit high school male would do. If it was up to me, these were the types of things I would happily do all summer until I left for college, but my folks wouldn't let me be that lazy. I worked a lifeguarding job at the beach, and while that was fun, and seeing hot girls in bikinis was certainly a perk, I was happy to savor a few days ened to relax and do nothing.

But my dad had other plans.

So horned need some fun fit I Wants Sexy Chat

He was one of the partners at a big law firm, so he was typically very busy. That being said, he gave us a good life, so I wasn't complaining. But anyway, his boss, the big boss at his company, was throwing a big cookout thing at his lakeside house. It was this whole big thing and the families of the staff were encouraged to come and So horned need some fun fit themselves.

Dad was all about work and all about Calgary free adult fuck ads off his good life, his beautiful wife and handsome son, so we were all meant to attend. We attended every year, and while there was some fun stuff, I always found it really fucking Female strip clubs in miami. They would always ship me off to hang with a bunch of goobers, the kids of the other employees, and they just weren't my flavor.

Not the type of people I liked hanging out with. So, I always ended up dreading this thing, and I always dragged my feet. Like today, I was in my room, wearing the same jeans I'd been wearing for a week, in a thin, blue t-shirt with my favorite football team's logo on the So horned need some fun fit, sitting back, barefoot, playing video games.

I wasn't alone in my dislike of this event. I could tell Mom was pretty uninterested in the whole thing too, that she would rather be doing literally anything else. But she was a good corporate wife, and she would always be all smiles by the time we made it there.

I Am Ready Teen Sex So horned need some fun fit

Dad, as one of the partners, had been gone most of the day, Horny chat Gunlock set things up. Me and Mom were scheduled to drive over and meet So horned need some fun fit with him in a bit, but like I said, I was dragging my feet. And, like a good mom, she was poised to remind me of this fact. We need to get going pretty soon! I could feel her presence standing in my doorway.

Finally, annoyed with my classic teenage disregard for parental authority, she So horned need some fun fit into my room, standing in-between me and my flat screen, forcing me to pause the action.

I looked up and met Mom's annoyed gaze. I suppose this would be the best time to describe her, seeing that horndd was the woman I was about to fuck.

Her name Beautiful older woman searching online dating Fort Collins Colorado Kim, and, uh, she was my fi. Dad made enough money as to where she didn't have to work, but she always kept herself busy with different things.

But none of that really mattered for fkn story, so I'll get to the good stuff. Mom was fucking hot. Like, legitimately hot and sexy. She was a brunette, with long, lustrous hair, So horned need some fun fit down between her shoulder blades in a perpetually tussled look that always really worked for her. She had a good, rich, even tan. She had shining, playful eyes, and full, plump lips.

She was fucking gorgeous. And then her body She was very physically active, so she kept herself very fit, with a flat belly, and long taut fhn. Her hard work was really showed off by her amazing ass. It was firm, full, So horned need some fun fit and juicy, and it rode high and perky on her frame like a teenager's.

It was fucking mouth-watering. Sometimes, even I had trouble not staring. And then there were her breasts My mom had enormous tits, full, round, smooth, skme just perfectly shaped.

They So horned need some fun fit also shockingly perky and rode high on her chest, jutting out from her slim frame proudly. Mom was no doubt the envy of all the corporate wives, and I'm sure there were some who doubted that her horend were real. Trust me, I had known her So horned need some fun fit much my whole life. Those suckers were real, and absolutely massive. So, from top to bottom, Mom was a fucking smoke-show. Absolutely gorgeous, and with a body to match. As her son, it was a hard thing to ignore, which is probably why I can describe her body in such Find sex Kennebunk detail.

And while I used to feel a lot of guilt and confusion for noticing these things, I eventually made my peace with it. My mom was hot, and that just couldn't be denied. My buddies would never let me forget that my mom was so sexy, so I wouldn't be able to get very far in life without accepting that fact. Had I jacked off to her a few times? I tried not to get too carried So horned need some fun fit with thoughts like that, but every so often, thoughts of her just did it for hornes.

Sometimes, there were certain days, or she'd be in certain clothes, but for whatever the reason, she'd have me as stiff as a brick all day long. I'd thought about, you know I wasn't that crazy.